Wednesday May 15, 2024   10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Alistair Rogers

Division Director, Earth & Environment Sciences Area

Division Director, Computing Sciences Area

Bert de Jong

Sr Scientist, Applied Math & Comp Research, Computing Sciences Area

Blake Simmons

Division Director, Biological Systems & Engineering

Carl Grace

Electronic Staff Scientist, Physical Sciences Area

Lab Project Management Officer, Operations Area 

Physicist Staff Scientist, Energy Sciences Area

Director of K-12 Programs, Operations Area

Helen Cadematori

Area Deputy, Computing Sciences Area

Director of Community Relations, Operations Area

Jerri Carmo

Area Deputy, Energy Technologies Area

Deputy Director, Molecular Foundry

Program Operations Analyst 3, Energy Technologies Area

Division Director, Molecular Biophys & Integrated Bio

Interim Area Science Deputy, Bio Sciences Area Office

Earth Sr Scientist, Earth & Environmental Sciences Area 

IT Division Deputy, Operations Area

Computer Sr Scientist, Computing Sciences Area 

HR Division Partner Services Manager, Operations Area

Earth Sr Scientist,  Earth & Environmental Sciences Area

Sr Mechanical Engineer,  Physical Sciences Area 

Millard "Skip" Dunham

Facilities Technical Manager 4, Operations Area

Business Manager, Energy Technologies Area 

Computer Sr Scientist, Biosciences Area 

Business Development Specialist 5, Earth & Environmental Sciences Area 

Nick Skowronski

Operations Finance Manager, Office of Chief Financial Officer

Area Deputy, Biosciences Area Office

Area Deputy, Earth & Environmental Sciences Area

Occupational Safety Specialist 4, Energy Technologies Area Office

Division Deputy Operations, Computing Sciences Area

Program Manager 3, Energy Technologies Area

Institutional Assurance & Integrity Manager, Lab Directorate