Have you ever wanted advice from an experienced Lab professional outside your immediate circle of colleagues?

Just-In-Time Mentoring is a fast-paced and fun way of providing career development coaching and sharing knowledge across different levels of the Lab in a short period. JIT Mentoring is a speed mentoring event that allows employees to meet multiple mentors in a short time. Interested in the event?  

What is Just-In-Time Mentoring?

Just-in-Time Mentoring is a pilot program designed to bring mentees and mentors together to engage in multiple discussions around common challenges, goals, and ideas - in rapid succession. 

Mentors and registered mentees will meet together, virtually, in groups of 2 to 3 mentees with 1 mentor. 

Next event is on Wednesday, May 15, 10 -11:30 am. 

JIT events took place in November 2022, May and December 2023. Mentees were able to meet with three mentors over the course of 90 minutes!

Who can sign up?

Career and Term Employees of the Lab

Feedback from Participants

"I used to think that the only way to network was in conferences, and now I realize that it's completely ok to reach out to someone who you're interested in learning from and just starting a conversation over a virtual coffee, etc."

-JIT Mentoring Participant

"I used to think there was no opportunity for discussion at the Lab. Now I think there is.  Brings a humanistic touch to working at the Lab."

 - JIT Mentoring participant

"I used to think prepping for and engaging in mentoring meetings is stressful. Now I think with guided preparation and meeting in groups they are fun and go smoothly"

- JIT Mentoring participant

"I really enjoyed it! It was fun to talk about my experience and help people figure out how to handle various situations."

- JIT Mentor

What to Expect


Contact Mentoring-wg-chairs@lbl.gov